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Why Medical Transcription?

One career opportunity for graduates is that of the remote based medical transcriptionist. In NZ, the medical typist usually works for a hospital or specialist doctor, this can be either within the hospital or from your own home or office.

Internationally and nationwide, there is a shortage of skilled medical transcriptionists.  Given the benefits of a digital dictation environment, outsourcing of transcription is becoming a common option. 

Evidence indicates that the home-based medical transcription industry continues to grow with qualified transcriptionists who work from their homes in New Zealand on transcription that has been outsourced either within New Zealand or from offshore – Australia, US, and UK  . 

Where This Qualification Can Take You?


Career development is an important consideration when making a decision to study. Fortunately, the employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than the average; meaning job opportunities should be good, especially for those who are certified.

With further education and experience, medical transcriptionists can advance to:

  • home-based work

  • supervisory positions

  • quality control

  • teaching / on-job training

  • owners of medical transcription businesses

  • medical records and health information technicians

  • medical records and health information administrators


There are also international qualifications that follow on from this course of study. For more information about those go to

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