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Excel Level 1

Covers the essentials of spread-sheeting . Creating a spreadsheet, simple formulas, changing and improving the way it looks, printing and saving it for future use.

Practical hands-on training in:

  • Definition, Concepts & Terms

  • Types of Entries

  • Formulas & Cell Formats

  • Copying, Moving & Deleting

  • Insert/Delete Columns/Rows

  • Change Column Width/Row Height

  • Planning & Layout

  • Formatting Data

  • Borders & Shading

  • Spell Check

  • Printing Issues


Duration: Full Day

Recommended Prerequisites:

Keyboard Skills and Computer Awareness

Open Laptop

Excel Level 2

Covers extended use of MS Excel including charts. Includes the skills required to give a professional finish to your spreadsheet.

Practical hands-on training in:

  • Overview of the Basic Elements

  • Designing Worksheet Presentation

  • Sorting A Range of Cells

  • Split Windows, Freezing Panes

  • Naming Cells and Ranges

  • Toolbars

  • Advanced Formulas

  • Goal Seek

  • Inserting Graphics

  • Linking Spreadsheets

  • Creating, Editing & Formatting Charts


Duration: Full day

Recommended Prerequisites:

Understanding Excel (Level 1) or equivalent experience.

Excel Formulas Refresher

  • Formulas in Excel

  • Order of calculation of formulas - BODMAS

  • A quick overview of the basic elements

  • Relative vs. absolute references

  • Naming cells and ranges of cells

  • Advanced formulas

  • Insert function button


Duration: 1/2 day

Who should attend:

Excel users who are not confident with formulas.

Excel: Customising and Automating

Practical hands-on training in :

  • mouse and keyboard shortcuts

  • AutoCorrect

  • Custom lists

  • Find and Replace

  • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbons

  • Templates

  • Workbook protection

  • Changing Options

  • Macros


Duration:    ½ day

Recommended Prerequisites:

Microsoft Excel experience at Level Two or equivalent.

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